Germany Representative Office

A local presence in the US – with a complete support of the State of Nebraska – is of great value, in particular in light of a changing world economic environment.

As a German company you might be interested in starting or expanding your business activities in the US.

For companies from Nebraska, Germany offers great business opportunities with access to the large European market. 

Please contact me for an exploratory discussion.

Theo Freye

Germany Representative Office
Executive Director: Dr. Theo Freye
phone: +49 5247 7098962

The State of Nebraska is located in the center of the United States, connected perfectly to all economic centers of the country.

Business friendly environment, reliable workforce, generous incentives/support and low costs are a well kept secret for starting a business in Nebraska.

Biotech, modern manufacturing and tech companies are operating very comfortable and successful in Nebraska. This includes also companies from Germany.

More information:

Dr. Theo Freye was the Speaker of the Executive Board (CEO) of CLAAS KGaA GmbH, a major manufacturer of agriculture machinery with worldwide presence.

Under his leadership CLAAS established it’s North American Headquarter including a combine assembly plant in Omaha,NE. Today he serves on several boards in Germany and the US.